Best free keyword research tool

We are always asked by our visitors that suggest us a “Best free keyword research tool “ that will help us to find out High cpc keywords with low competition.

Now today in this article i will introduce you a Best free keyword research tool.

As we all know that how much important is Keyword Researching to rank high in Google.
In internet marketing (Online marketing) keyword researching positively affects the success of your blog posts as well as your entire site.

Now without a further ado let’s get straight to our topic.

The Tool which i’m going to introduce is Ubersuggest: Provided by Neil Patel which you can use for keyword researching to boost your SEO.


What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of finding those words and phrases/terms which people are looking for in search engines like Google,Bing etc.

And then add those terms in your articles/posts to Get higher rankings in SERP (search engine results page).

The process of keyword researching includes selection of topic for your articles/posts for which you want to rank your site.


How Ubersuggest Works:


With neat & ads free design,this tool is easy to use for new bloggers as well as for those who already knows how to use keyword research tools.

Best free keyword research tool

First, type a keyword in the search field.

Then next field is for language/geographic area.The default language is “English” and Country is “United States“,But you have the option to change both language and Country it depends upon you & you can specify a different language and country.

To show you an example i searched for “Quora” keyword.

Ubersuggest will give me the information of Volume,CPC,Paid difficulty,Competition & more keyword ideas related to the keyword “Quora”.

Best free keyword research tool

The search result it showed for “Quora” keyword told me that:

Volume is 1,000,000
CPC is ₹1.85
Seo difficulty is 61 (HARD)

It also showed me this keyword is competitive. There is a 39% chance you can rank in the top 20.

Ubersuggest also found 88 keyword ideas.



Ubersuggest can also give you the additional data, like the searches graph, with the details of each month and the number of clicks, divided into organic and paid i,e clicks from ads using Google adwords.


Keyword Overview

The best and simple tool which i liked is Keyword Overview.

If you need the details about any keyword just type it in the search field and select the “Geographic location” then hit the “Search” button, to get full result.

Then this tool will give your all information about Keyword Overview,CPC and much more. Including volume.

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Keyword Suggestions:

If you want to Rank any Keyword in search engines just use Ubersuggest it will give you Both “single keywords” and “Long tail Keyword”related your keyphrase.

By using those Long tail Keywords and single keywords in your article you can easily get High Rankings.

It will provide you interesting insights, including volume, competition, and even seasonal trends for each of your keyword.

You may also want to use more interesting filters, for a more targeted search.


Keyword Difficulty:

This is another amazing feature.

Do you want to know how much difficult is to Rank any keyword?

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Ubersuggest will show you also this data.
Because before Writing an article on any keyword it is important to know how much difficult it is to Rank in search engines.


Competitive Intelligence:

This feature of Ubersuggest will give you metrics of who is ranking for that keyword in search engines,or who has invested money in Google adwords to show ads.

Now let’s talk about the new Features of Ubersuggest which were recently launched: Ubersuggest 3.0

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This feature will help you to find competitors keyword for which he is ranking in search engines & also it is also free.

By this feature you can Research competitors site and it will show you why your competitors Page,post,Keyword or whole site is Ranking.

Also it will If you the metrics of your competitors Like:

  • How much organic traffic comes to yourcompetitors site.
  • For which keyword the traffic comes.
  • what is the CPC of that keyword
  • Also what is the traffic volume of that keyword for which he is Ranking.
  • Also this feature has the options of “Backlink” which you can use to check the competitors “Backlinks” But this is in “Coming soon” mode.

To know all these features in detail lets talk about those one by one:

Traffic Analyzer:

  • Overview
  • Top Pages
  • Keywords


First you have to type your competitors keyword or you can put the Url of your site.

You have not to type https:// or www, if you will type they will automatically remove.


Then you have to choose the country as i mentioned above.

I just typed Quora and selected “India” as targeted country.
Now you can see https:// and www got removed.

,419As you can see the organic keywords for Quora are 72,15,419. And the organic traffic is 31,546,233.

Also You can see “Paid keywords” by which you can know does your competitor uses Google adwords to run campaigns. And how much he has paid for those ads.

Below this you will see how much traffic came to your/competitors site in last 7 months with graph.
When traffic was high and when was low all that will be shown Via Graph.

If you will scroll down you will get more details like :

  • What is Domai score of that site which you are checking
  • How many Backlinks that site has.
  • How many are Dofollow and how many are Nofollow Backlinks
  • Next to that you will see How many sites are Referring this site And How many Backlinks that site has .edu and .Gov.
  • What is the value of the Organic keywords of that site.

Below this you will get another graph by which you can see what is the position of that site in Google for which keyword that site is Ranking.


Now at the last of this page you will see top 5 pages for which your competitor is ranking with estimated visits and No. Of Backlinks,but backlink option is coming soon,as i mentioned above,With no. Of shares on facebook and pinterest.

Now if you will click on view all it will show you for which keywords is this article is ranking.
The volume,Position,CPC and difficulty will be available for those keywords.

But keep in mind that all that data will be available for the country which you have selected as i have selected India my targeted country.

Now moving towards another feature which is

Top Pages:

Below those keywords you will see all top pages of that site for which you are checking.

Now the Final feature is:



This will give you an idea of how many keyword that site has in a specific country with Volume,Estimated visits,Position and much more.

You cam also see the Url of that keyword and Seo difficulty.

At last of this page you can Export the list of keywords and save them.

Final Words

So finally what do you think about “Ubersuggest” ?

I would like to say that Ubersuggest is nice and clean tool As well as free for everyone.

I’ve tested this tool various times and also i’m currently using it to check the matrics of keywords for which i want to Rank.

I will also suggest you to check this tool out.


I hope you will found this “Best free keyword research tool” article helpful.
Are you going to test it?

Please Comment down below what do you think about the tool.

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